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    Expert in Staircases

    KENNGOTT STAIRS has over 110 years of experience. Our top quality brand image makes us a perfect partner to fullfil the ever-increasing demands of today´s customers. The product range includes staircases made of solid wood,  Longlife, steel, stainless steel, artificial stone, marble, granite and glass, combined with a huge variety of banister systems offering you a wide range from top to bottom. More than 200 patents and trade mark rights show you our enjoyment in innovation. KENNGOTT has got, as the single business entity in Europe, european approvals for stairs.
    Due to this European Technical Approvals (ETA) all local sales and installation partners, worldwide, must be certified and trained on installation in Germany. Since the late 90's the trade mark KENNGOTT stairs is exclusively available on the UK market, from our staircase specialists, Engineering companies or Joineries with a lot of experience in staircases.
    Our staircases are available from London to Manchester and Carlisle, from Isle of Scilly to Canterbury, from Cardiff to Liverpool, from Fishguard to Bristol, from Glasgow to Edinburgh, as well as in Ireland.