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    Safety package
    • Tread material surfaces in R9 slip resistancy (Longlife materials or stone materials)
    • round handrail systems with 42 mm or 50 mm diameter
    • post formed 5 mm radius safety edge (Timber and Longlife materials - Stone materials with 5 mm phase)
    • Stair light tread illumination without cable, two LED lights and one charger, light and movement sensor technic for optimum safety on the stair

    Slip resistant surface (R9)

    With a beautiful texture on various Longlife materials, we reached the level R9 slip resistancy, for your convenience on our staircases. It makes the treads much more safe, the surface still looks great and feels very pleasant.


    On stone surfaces you can reach this level R9 with different treatments, such as sanding or sandblasting. These treatments offers you in addition to the highly improved safety a lot of different great looking soft surfaces.

    Round handrail systems

    Within our banister systems we offer the often changeable handrails in timber or stainless stee,l in 42 or 50 mm thickness. A round handrail allows for a lot more grip than a comparable rectangular handrail.

    Safety radius from 5 mm on the tread front edges

    On each Longlife tread our front edge is post formed with a 5 mm radius, which is responsible for a good visible edge and a smooth walk on the tread without getting stuck on a comparibly sharp edge.

    All solid timber edges are prepared in the same way, with our 5 mm radius safety edge.

    Stone treads has got a 5x5 mm safety phase instead.

    Kenngott Stair Light - Tread illumination

    KENNGOTT Stair-Light

    The brilliant staircase lightning without electrical installation!

    For the safety on your stair KENNGOTT has developed Stair-Light the staircase lightning.

    These LED lamps illuminate the bottom and exit of the stair and may help to make dark corridors safer. Whether as built in version in the starter post, or as screwed on version on the wall:
    The KENNGOTT LED-lamps match perfect in renovations and new build constructions. They are equipped with an integrated modern lithium ion accumulator, which can be recharged easily, similar to a mobile phone via USB or power supply system.